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ABRW Community Info

Do you provide book reviews?

No. We provide book recommendations, called our “Recommended Reads,” not reviews.

Are you part of a book club?

No. The ABRW is not affiliated with any book clubs.

Is there a fee for promoting my book?

No. The ABRW focuses on spotlighting less known or “underground” authors who are looking to get their works promoted.  There is no fee for that promotion.

When are the new books spotlighted?

Currently, we promote a Friday Feature once per week.  This may change in the future as we grow as an organization.

How do I get my book promoted as a Friday Feature?

Fill out the contact form to include your recommended read information. 

Remember to email and upload a clear headshot and a review copy of your book. Books or links that are sent that require a purchase to be read will be pushed to the back of the line. 

Our current book promotions are set 2-3 months in advance, so be sure to contact us with plenty of lead time if you would like your book promoted for your release date.

My book is less than 100 pages, how do I get a feature?

Generally speaking, a novella tends to be 100-200 pages, whereas we consider a novel to be 200+ pages.  We are not currently spotlighting novelettes (less than 100 pages) at this time.

We will be making a category difference between the feature novel vs novella in the future, however, currently there is no such designation or requirement to be featured.

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