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Sophia Louis

Home Is Where the Heart Is

They say

“Home is where the heart is”

So, I built a shelter out of bricks.

Laid the foundation in your heart; and 

Tended to the care of this newly built home.

Do you smell the sweet aroma of the love I baked

permeating throughout this place of residence?

They say 

“Home is where the heart is”

So, I crawled into the most inner parts of you.

I made a refuge out of your arms; and

Sought comfort in its brown velvet silk.

Buried myself in your warm protectiveness.

Do you even feel the happiness that is taking residence in me?

They say 

“Home is where the heart is”

So, I opened the windows to your soul

Your sun gifting its light to shine through

This fondness I have for you. 

Do you see the relief opening me up,

exposing myself to you?

They say

“Home is where the heart is”

And I believe it.

So, I laid some blankets down

and made myself comfortable

I am here to stay.

Norian Love2.jpg

Norian Love


So sensual, so seductive
So intoxicating, so instructive
So delightful, so divine
So amazing, one of a kind
So overzealous, so obscure
So confident and so secure
So breathtaking, such a beauty
So overwhelming, you do this to me
So magnificent, so majestic
So brilliant, baby, so connected
So simple and so complicated
So special, baby, so educated
You are everything and then much more
You are night and day, what I’ve prayed for
You are meant for me
So eventually
You’ll be right next to me.
This is your destiny.

Synclaire E Roberts.jpg

Synclaire E. Roberts

Ask Me to Put It Into Words

When he finds you,

He won’t be the one

That licks the salt out of your wounds,


He will have tasted your honey to    

Remind you of how

Your sweetness has aided every


And humbled every war.

He will remind you of your power.

He will remind you of your courage.

He will remind you of your purpose.

Shanequa2 - bw_edited_edited.jpg

Shanequa T. Whichard

All Heart

I'm too old for this

Believing in this beautiful love myth

They're here for the moment

Then gone into the abyss 

Not to be mourned

Nor missed

I mean...

Why should I feel inadequate

Because he was so full of it

That I had to call an early dismissal

Down in the dumps

And disgustingly miserable

Over a woman? 

Over a man?

Not again

Never again can I allow myself to be

One hundred percent in

When he

Or she

 Is only 3

Or 43



It doesn't even matter 

I still believe

I can almost feel it

My other half is out there somewhere

Waiting for me

And I'm too old for that shit

Believing in that everlasting love myth

Yet I continue to daydream

As I blow...then sip

Plan another date

Take another trip

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